Each month, Alliance members meet with Julie and coaches for a conversation about the Master Class of Learning's topic. This is your one-stop button to join that conversation when it goes live!

Upcoming Schedule

May 2020: Homeschool to College with Blake Boles

  • Alliance Community Check-in 
    Friday May 1 at 4:00 PM (ET)
  • Homeschool to College with Blake Boles
    Tuesday May 12 at 7:00 PM ET
  • Alliance Community Check-in 
    Thursday May 21 at 4:00 PM (ET)

June 2020: Intuitive Homeschool Planning—Plan for the Child You Love

  • Alliance Community Check-in  
    Thursday June 4 at 4:00 PM (ET)
  • Intuitive Homeschool Planning: Getting to Know Your Child
    Thursday June 11 at 7:00 PM ET
  • Intuitive Homeschool Planning: How Your Child Learns Best
    Thursday June 25 at 7:00 PM ET

July 2020: Intuitive Homeschool Planning—Establishing Your Routine

  • Alliance Community Check-in   
    Wednesday July 1 at 4:00 PM (ET)
  • Intuitive Homeschool Planning: Establishing Your Routine  
    Thursday July 9 at 7:00 PM ET
  • Alliance Community Check-in   
    Thursday July 30 at 4:00 PM (ET)

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